Dr. Davina’s DotsNovember 18, 2023x
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On this episode of Dr. Davina’s Dots, the show is titled Unleashed, and its all about about unleashing your curiosity, creativity, and potential, Its about breaking barriers, and putting to practice innovative thinking and creative problem solving to live a life you absolutely love!

Born 2 Groove


Gino Rosario 

In the Flow 

Paul Brown 


Segment 2

James Colah 


The Sound Table (Feat Jose Rossy) 

The Moore Twins 

Lets Move (Feat Richard Elliot)

Eric Valentine 

Segment 3

Big Tall Wish 

Christian de Mesones 

Moving on 

Andrew Neu

Ducies Groove 

Nate White 

Segment 4

The Pulse 

Gary Honor 

Power Up

Blair Bryant

Dancing' Shoes

Paula Atherton

Brian Culbertson 

Dance with me tonight 

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