Dr. Davina’s Dots

Dr. Davina’s Dots

Jazzed-Up Inspiration

Dr. Davina's Dots "Jazzed Up Inspiration" is the electrifying fusion of spoken inspiration and jazz music, where soulful melodies and uplifting messages harmoniously converge, creating a powerful and transformative experience for listeners.

The smooth jazz tones weave seamlessly with the inspirational messages, resonating with your deepest aspirations to inspire you, encourage you and stir your soul to action.

Dr. Davina's Dots uses the power of motivation and music to guide you to new heights of creativity and fulfillment. Every show you are invited to discover the transformative power of motivation and music. 

Dr. Davina’s Dots "Jazzed Up Inspiration" - your show for an enriching and transformative listening experience.


On Air Schedule 

Sunday @12 Pm EST on WMEL https://www.wmelradio2012.comSunday @8 PM on Spinwax Radio https://spinwaxradio.comSunday @5 PM EST on STL smooth Jazz https://www.stlsmoothjazz.comSunday @ 3 PM EST on Awesome Al Radio https://awesomealradio.comMonday @1PM EST on Raw Soul Radio Live (UK) https://www.rawsoulradiolive.comTuesday @12PM EST on Otune Radio (US, Can, UK) https://www.Otuneradio.comTuesday @6 Pm EST on Pulse International Radio https://www.phazesintl.comTuesday @ 3:30Pm EST on Love of life Family RadioWednesday @9PM EST on Hindsight Radio https://www.hindsightmediaradio.comThursday @3:30 PM EST on Love of life Family RadioThursday @ 8 PM EST on Legend Radio Thursday @6 Pm EST on CTJamz Radio http://www.ctjamz.comThursday @9AM on Chocolate radio UK https://chocolate-radio.comThursday @10PM EST on Indie Soul Radio https://www.indiesoulradio.comThursday @5 Pm EST on Indiemusicnetwork  https://www.indie-music-network.comFriday @8PM EST on Spinwax Radio https://spinwaxradio.com