The power of solitude
Dr. Davina’s DotsMay 18, 2024x
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The power of solitude

About this Episode

In this episode I invite you to discover the beauty of solitude. This show explores how quiet moments alone can transform into powerful experiences that speak to the depths of your soul. When you find yourself alone, take a moment to pause, appreciate your own company, and remind yourself that you are in the presence of greatness. Tune in to find inspiration, peace, and a deeper connection with yourself.

Every episode of Dr. Davina's Dots blends inspirational and uplifting messages nestled between smooth jazz tunes, using positivity as a modality for wellness.

Musical Selections

Mo Louis featuring Jeff Lorber 

To the Maxx

Reg Parham 


Dee Lucas 

The smooth jazz ride 

Patrick Yandall 

The Joy of You 

Better Days 

James PJ Spraggins

Takeshi Ito

Hello Like Before 


St. Julien X 


Marcus Adams


Randy Scott

Daydreams (feat Cindy Bradley)

part 4 

Mike Murray 

Moonlit Libations 


Lalah Hathaway

Eric Knight 

Cash in 

About the Producer & Host

Dr. Davina Smith is a dynamic radio host, author, and CEO who believes in inspiring through creative works. With a PhD in Human and Social Work, she is passionate about being a social change agent, helping organizations and individuals thrive. Her insightful and uplifting content is designed to motivate and empower. Follow her on social media for more inspiring content and join her on this journey of positive transformation.

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