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Broken Record
February 10, 2024x
1:00:0082.42 MB

Broken Record

Dr. Davina's Dots is designed to elevate your mood, inspire your mind with a unique lis...

Dancing With the Wind
January 27, 2024x
1:00:0082.41 MB

Dancing With the Wind

Dr. Davina's Dots is all about inspiration, relaxation and good vibes. Each show is des...

You've Got This!
January 10, 2024x
1:00:0082.42 MB

You've Got This!

Tune in for an uplifting hour of Dr. Davina's Dots. This episode is titled "You've Got ...

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    Beautiful podcast!

    So much amazing information.

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    Best podcast

    Life changing advice and awesome personalities!! I love this show, and it has changed my life.

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    What a great podcast! We really love it and look forward to the upcoming episodes!

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    Great Content!

    What amazing content! I wish I had learned about this podcast sooner. Exactly what he says it is and more!

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    Connecting the Dots.

    Dr. Davina Smith, is able to masterfully, help anyone connect the dots in their lives. She verbally hands out a map on connecting the dots as she simplify’s her inspiring messages. Her beautiful and soothing voice will safely help you connect the dots in your life. Thank you Dr. Davina.

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    5 stars!

    Super cool show. Awesome interviews. Highly recommend!!

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    I am loving this podcast!

    Thank you, Davina Smith, for your wonderful work. I am learning so much!

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    This is totally amazing. I like the great ideas and wonderful work of success you have here and I will definitely recommend this for everyone. Many thanks!!

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    Loving this!

    Loving this podcast, heaps of gold in every episode.

    “Dr. Davina has a "gift".  Her messages are timely relatable and memorable.
    -Facebook Listener-

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