The Power of Adaptability
Dr. Davina’s DotsApril 27, 2024x
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The Power of Adaptability

Welcome to Dr. Davina's Dots, the place where each episode is a journey into relaxation and renewal. I'm Dr. Davina Smith, your host on this path of introspection and inspiration. With a PhD in Human and Social Services, my experience as an Army veteran, and my insights as a business owner, I bring a diverse perspective on overcoming challenges through mind over matter and innovative thinking. This podcast leverages my background to offer you a mental retreat—a space where you can escape from the daily grind and emerge with a fresh perspective, feeling inspired, relaxed, and empowered.

Join me as we explore transformative ideas and soothing sounds designed to enhance your life's journey.This episode is titled "The Power of Adaptability," and I explore the art of staying fluid, persistent, and flexible as you navigate life's challenges with grace. Join me as I combine uplifting messages with soothing jazz tunes to help you find your rhythm in the ever-changing dance of life. Whether you're facing a personal challenge or just everyday uncertainties, this episode offers the perfect blend of motivation and relaxation to keep you moving forward.

Music Selections include:

Fluid -Lin Roundtree

Versatility- The Moore Twins

Jeff Logan -Let it Go

Morning Light -Otis Hayes III 

Rain Drop- Nathan Jazzmen 

Walk on the Star - Rei Narita- Feat Peter White 

Simple -Marcus Adams

Nick Gomez – You Better Figure it 

Pillow Talk – Wake Campbell

Something for you- Wake Campbell

Daybreak- Michael Haggins 

Pavel M Mirga from Czech republic Prague close.

Track is name Night sun blues.

Only with you Yulia Ricky Bolognesi featuring Lemek

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