The School of Life
Dr. Davina’s DotsOctober 21, 2023x
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The School of Life

In this episode of Dr. Davina's Dots titled "the School of Life I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey that will uncover the boundless wisdom the world has to offer. Life itself can become your greatest teacher, as you learn to embrace every sunrise, adventure, and unexpected encounter. Each experience is an opportunity to unravel the wisdom that surrounds you.

Kick back and relax and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of jazz, guiding you through each inspirational segment. The uplifting spoken words combined with the power of music are designed to create an extraordinary harmony that inspires and encourages you to discover the unlimited potential within you.

Part 1 

Wonderful tonight 

Warren Hill 

Green Eyes 

Marcos Ariel

Marie Antoinette 

Fly Away Straight from the Harp 

Part 2 

Pure Logic 

James PJ Spraggins 

Will Donato

You got this 

So Sweet 

Michael Znoboli

part 3 

Free Aint Free 


To Be with you 

The James Colah Project 

Puerto Banus 

Paul Hardcastle 

Part 4 

My joy 

Isaiah Katumwa 

Water Runs Dry 

Chuck Loeb

Oh Freedom 

Yuko Mabuchi

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