Life Happens Jazz Helps
Dr. Davina’s DotsDecember 01, 2023x
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Life Happens Jazz Helps

Life is a symphony of highs and lows, in this show, I explore how the rhythms of jazz offer invaluable lessons on handling the unexpected twists and turns. Join me for an inspiring melodic journey. I share how the art of improvisation can help you to navigate life's unpredictability with grace and creativity. Let the inspiring message and the smooth sounds of jazz guide you through the ups and downs, so you can find harmony in the midst of life's challenges.

Musical Selections include

Segment 1


Adam Hawley 


Richard Riley 

Kiss of Life 

Michael Ross 

Segment 2 

Presence of Mind 

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

My Cherie Amour

Phillip Doc Martin 

Say you will 


Segment 3 

Attitude adjustment 

Gerry Smoot (feat Judah Sealy)

My time 

Brendan Rothwell 

Before the after 

Keith Slattery 

Segment 4

Marcus Anderson 

Will Power 

Let it Go

Robert Crawford 


Carl Cox 

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