Dr. Davina’s DotsApril 18, 2024x
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Have you ever felt a gentle whisper nudging you towards your true purpose? In today’s episode, I delve into the art of listening to the silent whispers of your heart. Join me as I create a relaxing space to unwind, clear your mind, and uplift your spirits with soothing messages and the smooth sounds of jazz music.

Whether you're looking to find clarity or simply need a moment to relax, this episode is your perfect retreat.

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Musical Selections Include:

Follow Your heart

Marcus Click 


Julian Vaughn 


Marcio Rocha 


Andrew Nichols 


Melvin Pierce 

Maybe you think 

Vincent Ingala 

On my way 

Von Stupart 


Charles A. Kelly 

We Chill 

Lin Roundtree

Mediterraneo Sunshine 

Andrea Razzauti 

Window of the Soul 

Chuck Loeb 

Takeshi Ito

Hello Like Before 

Over the Rainbow 

Marcia Miget 

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