Decisions and Destiny
Dr. Davina’s DotsOctober 28, 2023x
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Decisions and Destiny

Have you ever wondered if the choices you make are shaping your life the way you want it to be? Or do you feel like you're just going with the flow, hoping things turn out alright?

In this episode of "Decisions and Destiny," I discuss how the decisions you make can impact where your life is headed and you have control over your own destiny, based on the choices you make.

Nestled between each motivational segment you will enjoy, the universal language of music where I will play soothing jazz music that can help convey emotions and inspirations that words alone cannot express. My goal is that it is the perfect combination of motivation and music will be like a motivating and inspiring soundtrack to your life. 

Musical Selections Include

The message Lin Roundtree feat Gary Johnson

Keeping it real Ellis White 

I cant forget you Drivetime Yulia 

On the Verge Dee Lucas 

V.I.P Chase Huna 

Kisses Randy Scott 

Don Pedro Christian de Mesones (feat Jaared)           

Close to you Jesse Thompson (feat Justin Young)

Can I ride Marcus Adams 

All Systems Go Shawn Raiford 

Me and you Sam Rucker 

Andre Ward Warm Passion 

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