Dancing With the Wind
Dr. Davina’s DotsJanuary 27, 2024x
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Dancing With the Wind

Dr. Davina's Dots is all about inspiration, relaxation and good vibes. Each show is designed to spark a positive mindset and a brighter perspective, with a unique blend of inspiring spoken messages nestled between uplifting jazz tunes.

Today's show is titled "Dancing with the Wind", where I'll be talking about life and how it's a lot like the wind.

In segment one we'll dive into the ups and downs of life's challenges – sometimes they're gentle and easy, other times they're strong and shake things up. Musical Selections include

Home again 

Michael Higgins 

Wherever you go 

Brian Simpson 

Can you feel it 

Adam Hawley 

In segment 2 I'll share how just like the wind can lift you up, you can use life's obstacles to push yourself to new heights. Musical selections include

Abide in the Shadow

Nate West 

The Wind Beneath my Wings 

Sam Levine 


Kayla Water

In the 3rd segment, we explore how the wind is a bit like music. Even though you can't see it, you can feel its impact. I'll share how, similar to music, the wind connects people all around the world. Music selections include

Don Pedro 

Christian DeMesones 

Amazing Grace

Carl Neal

Keep Movin

Brandon Marceal 

Lastly, in segment four, I encourage you to think of life as a dance. Embrace changes, be flexible, and let the wind guide you on the dance floor of life.

Musical selections include


Mike Murray

Autumn in Paris 

Adel Join

Cool Breeze

Varges Thomas

So, join me and get ready to feel inspired and empowered to tackle whatever comes your way!

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