Broken Record
Dr. Davina’s DotsFebruary 10, 2024x
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Broken Record

Dr. Davina's Dots is designed to elevate your mood, inspire your mind with a unique listening experience that blends motivational messages with the invigorating rhythms of jazz to leave you feeling relaxed and inspired. Whether you're looking for a moment of peace, a spark of inspiration, or just a reason to smile, Dr. Davina's Dots is the show for you!

This episode is titled "broken record" and is for anyone who's ever felt like a broken record, caught in the relentless loop of everyday life. Whether it's the monotony of routine, the echoes of unfulfilled dreams, or the whispers of self-doubt that have you feeling stuck, Dr. Davina's Dots is a place where you can relax and reset.

This show features 4 inspiring segments with uplifting spoken lyrics and nestled between the soothing sounds of jazz featuring music by:

Lowell Hopper- Secret Sauce 

Cindy Bradley – Promise 

Justin Klunk featuring David Deboit -Coastline Sunset 

Marcus Click- Morning Joy 

Drive Time featuring Yulia- I can’t forget you  

Johnny Murdaugh -The Way back 

Turning Point Igor Fedotov 

Gino Goss-What it Do

Lausanne- Tommy Davidson featuring Patches Stewart 

Paolo Rustichelli-Love Divine 

Selfless Karén Devroop

The Road I’ve traveled -Paul Tuvman 

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