Belonging begins with You
Dr. Davina’s DotsOctober 14, 2023x
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Belonging begins with You

This show is titled "Belonging Starts Within," where you are encouraged you to take a profound journey inward and reframe your perspective on belonging.

In each segment, we will explore the powerful idea that

belonging is not about conforming to societal norms, but rather a powerful

choice you make. It's about selecting the spaces, communities, and

relationships that resonate with your authentic self, nurturing a sense of

profound connection.

Belonging is not just about fitting in, but about consciously

choosing what fills your heart with joy, aligns with your soul's purpose, and

brings you inner peace. It's about making choices that empower you to become

the very best version of yourself.

Nestled between this positive message is positive music to bring

you the perfect blend of inspiration and relaxation.

Part 1 

A perfect Day 

Freddie Ravel 

Bermuda Nights 

Gerald Albright 

Dark Beauty 

Marion Meadows 

Part 2

My heart belongs to you 

Smooth jazz all stars 

Kim Scott 

Magic City Streets 

Groove Together 

Jayson Tipp

part 3 

My love 

Warren Hill 

My heart belongs to you 

Smooth jazz all stars 

My one and only love 

John Coltrane 

part 4 

Tokyo Blue 


Groove the rain

Pavel &Diego Calgnato

We belong Together

Smooth jazz all stars 

You belong to me 

Sam Levine 

Up where we belong 

Smooth Sax Players 

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